The well runs deep with water services from Advance Pump & Tank

Advance Pump & Tank in Cambridge, Ontario, is not a plumber — it’s more than that! The more than 20-year-old company can help you purify your drinking water supply, as well as build a well or install pumps.

Advance Pump can help you get the most from your water supply with water softeners to remove stubborn lime buildup, as well as UV light treatment to kill bacteria and other harmful impurities. Advance provides certified drinking water systems, and is also a licensed pump technician and well contractor.

Advance can take care of all the components of an efficient well system, from the pump to the piping to the storage tank. The team will determine the best system for your property and build it to precision standards so it’s made to last. Advance can also modify your well casing, if required.

The team is also there for you for regular maintenance and repairs so you’re not inconvenienced by not having a proper water supply, which is, of course, one of the most important features of any dwelling.

Choosing a fly-by-night well company might save you a few dollars up front, but will end up costing you more down the road as the work will have to be corrected or fixed sooner than you might have expected!

Advance has built a solid reputation and gained many referrals over the last two decades as a specialized provider of water services, mostly to rural clients. The owner of Advance Pump & Tank has more than 30 years of experience in well installation and repair.

Don’t leave your drinking water supply to the amateurs. When you want expert well advice and service in Cambridge and the surrounding areas, you don’t have to dig any deeper than Advance Pump & Tank! To find out more about the services offered, visit the website, call 519-623-0005 or send an email.