Maintain your water systems to ensure the best drinking supply

Your water supply is very important — perhaps the most important component of your home — and that’s why it’s also very important to have your well and filtration systems inspected regularly by Advance Pump & Tank of Cambridge, Ontario.

Just like any mechanical device, well water pumps can show signs of wear and break down if not properly looked after. With a little bit of inexpensive maintenance, you can save yourself costly repairs or even replacements as well as the time it takes to get your water supply back in operation.

Water purification and filtration systems from Advance Pump are state of the art, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be inspected as well. Ensuring your water systems are working correctly will give you peace of mind in knowing your family is drinking the purest water possible!

Advance Pump recommends having all your water systems checked once a year by its trained and licensed technicians. Don’t wait until a system failure before you make the call! It just doesn’t make sense to invest in a quality water system and then ignore it until it has a problem from wear or other factors. Even well pipes and tanks can break down, and well casings can leak, and all can benefit from expert checks.

You (hopefully) wouldn’t drive your car for years without having the engine and transmission inspected before getting stranded at the side of the road, so why would you not have your well inspected, which is equally — if not more — important than your vehicle? Don’t take chances with your precious water supply!

To find out more about the professional installation and maintenance services offered in Cambridge and the surrounding area by Advance Pump & Tank, as well as their top-quality water filtration products, visit the website, call 519-623-0005 or send an email.