How to decide on the right water treatment solution for your drinking supply

Advance Pump & Tank in Cambridge, Ontario, has many solutions to purify your water supply — but what’s right for one household may not be right for another.

When it comes to determining what you need, you should do some water testing in advance. Do you have a hard (lime) water supply? Is your water supply prone to bacteria or other organic substances that can make you sick over time? How about lead content due to piping and storage, as well as iron and sulphur from well water?

Water treatment systems are an important investment, so you’ll want to do it right the first time. This is water that your family will be drinking and cleaning themselves with, so make sure you know what system is best for you.

Advance Pump & Tank has several options available, from UV light systems that kill harmful bacteria to water softeners that remove lime that can cause unsightly buildups in your sinks and showers. Getting just the right balance to your water requires expertise and professional equipment offered by Advance Pump. Whether you’re on a residential water supply or rely on a well, you can be sure the knowledgeable team at Advance has the skills to do it right.

Bottled water is not a sustainable alternative to your home’s water supply; ensure you have a continuous and reliable water service that is also clean and healthy. Municipal water treatment removes many contaminants from your supply, but a good water system can take it a step further for the purest water possible.

Water is the best friend for our health when it’s clean, but can be our worst enemy if it has contaminants or harmful sediment, especially for younger children and pregnant women. Don’t take chances. Let Advance provide you with a filtration system that can give you peace of mind.

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